Chapter Goals
  1. Promote medical research in the field of Clinical Neurophysiology 
  2. Improve the quality of medical education in our discipline and in related medical disciplines
  3. Inform and colaborate with other committes, societies, institutions or individual persons interested about the area 
  4. Establish parameters, agreements and regulations to define criteria related to the best equipment, methods, techniques and guidelines for results interpretation 
  5. Be the liason between the different Latin-America Clinical Neurophysiology Societies and the IFCN 
  6. Establish and mantain efficient collaboration with national and international societies, governments, professionals, and other groups that could be potential contributors to the progress of the Clinical Neurophysiology field
  7. Promote the creation of a National Clinical Neurophysiology Society in all of the LA Countries, its affiliation to the IFCN, and to the Latin American Chapter.


To serve as a reference point for the practice, teaching, research and scientific evaluation of Clinical Neurophysiology, as well as in the continous medical education of the professionals of this medical specialty in Latin-America